Greater Comfort, High Responsiveness

Significant work to the dampers, bump stops and steering has been done in ensuring improved acoustic comfort and suspension performance of the vehicle. Revisions to the Renault MÉGANE GT's rear suspension joint and front wishbone bushings ensured a smooth journey with every ride.

Launch Control & Multi-Gear Downshift Function

Achieve the fastest possible acceleration from a standing start by maximising available traction with Launch Control. Significantly speed up downshifting of more than one gear at a time with Multi-Gear Downshift Function through a simple activation of the paddle shifters.


Originally engineered only in prestigious high-performance sport cars, the groundbreaking 4CONTROL four-wheel steering system supports easy manoeuvrability at low speeds and high degree of stability at high speeds for unrivalled agility through tight cornering.

R.S. Drive

The Renault MÉGANE GT specifically incorporates an intuitive R.S. Drive button to provide immediate access to the Sport Mode for the race-enthusiasts. Enjoy a 40% increase responsiveness for a dynamic, sure-footed ride on twisty roads.

Specifications may vary from overseas visuals shown.