Electrifying Innovation

New Z.E. 40 Battery

The new lithium-ion battery fitted in the Renault ZOE doubled its capacity without increasing its size thanks to Renault's revolutionary technology. For extra stability, the battery is strategically located under the floor of the vehicle in order to provide a low centre of gravity without compromising cabin's space. 

Regenerative Braking

Upon braking, the battery harnesses the kinetic energy lost at the moment the acceleration pedal is released, and recovers that energy back to charge the battery for additional range.

Chaméléon Smart Charger

Uniquely fitted to the Renault ZOE, the Caméléon Smart Charger is compatible with various Type 2 charging stations (up to 22kW 3-phase) with the capability to be fully charged in less than 3 hours.


Pre-cool the Renault ZOE's cabin's temperature with the touch of a button on its key.

ECO Mode

When using the ECO mode, the dynamic performance and air-conditioning will be moderated in order to maximise the Renault ZOE's driving range.
Specifications may vary from visuals shown.