Exceptionally Low Running Cost - 100% Practicality

The seamless combination of energy efficiency and lower cost of electricity culminates to the overall 100% practicality of the Renault ZOE. When compared to the running costs of a standard combustion engine vehicle, the Renault ZOE emerges triumphant by bringing higher annual savings.
Running Cost - ZOE vs Combustion Engine Vehicle
Renault ZOE
Combustion Engine Vehicle
Cost of Consumables$0.1762/kWh*$2.3500/L
Cost per Full Charge/Tank$7.22$117.50
                  Range per Full Charge/Tank     
     Annual Consumption Cost (based on 20,000km) $393.69$2,585.00
Estimated Annual Savings (Combustion - Electric)$2,191.31-
Specifications may vary from overseas visuals shown. *Calculated based on published electric rate $0.1762kWh as of Geneco 8 Jan 2020 fact sheet. ^367km range as measured based on New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).